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Remote Online Notarization (RON) closings work very similarly to traditional type signings- except better. RON closings are superior to traditional physical closings in nearly every aspect. RON closings empower buyers, borrowers, and sellers to close easily, safely, and securely from any location in the world – most importantly- in the comfort of your own home or office. No cross-town traffic jams, no trying to leave work early to sign documents, no arranging babysitters, no trying to close around your moving schedule.

RON Closings Are Available In: Virginia, Maryland, DC & Delaware

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Types of EClosings



Difference between an EClosing and an EClosing using RON

EClosings typically refer to the electronic signing of lender documents prior to or as part of the closing process.  However, the documents which require Notarization, up until recently, have needed to be executed in the physical presence of a Notary.  Remote Online Notarization is an additional electronic process that enables a person to execute their entire closing package electronically.  The Borrower will need to confirm with their lender

The lender’s ability or willingness to allow loan documents to be executed using RON technology.

How can I close using RON? (tag to how can I close using RON)

  • Contact us- we are ready to perform your EClosing using RON
  • We can assist you in determining if you and your lender can avail yourself of an EClosing and an EClosing using RON.
  • We will coordinate with your lender if your lender allows a RON closing. 
How do I request an E closing using RON?

You need to contact your settlement officer, and they can help you determine whether your transaction meets the requirements or not. We will also need to make sure your lender will allow it.

Will I still be able to attend closing?

Yes, eClosing will be added as an option to close like attending closing and remote closings have been

Do I need anything special for a RON Closing?

In order for a signer to be able to do a closing using RON technology, you will need to have all these items in place (create a link to another page)

What experience do E Notaries have for this type of Closing?
  • In Virginia, our settlement officers have secured their special video Notary license and have experience not only in conducting  E-Closings, but also acting as the E- Notary.
  • In Maryland, DC, and Delaware, we currently use the E- Notaries of our RON partner, Notarize. They are all specially trained and have a lot of experience working with our settlement officers. We are working towards our settlement officers in MD, DC, and DE securing their special digital notarial certificates and conducting the RON closings.  
Will Ron work for signers who are located outside of the United States?

Yes, as long as they have a SSN/tax ID and at least 1 years of credit history, we can use RON to have them execute their documents.