Lender Services

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Lender Services

We look to be a partner with Lenders, not just a vendor.

Community Title Network exceeds industry compliance standards, recognizing the importance of providing information as securely as possible. We are dedicated to exceeding industry compliance standards before, during and after a transaction occurs and proud to be third-party certified.

We build workflows and data integrations with Lenders and lender portals because we understand that mortgage lenders of all sizes need from the title industry more modern industry thinking that results in operational efficiency, more use of technology for data integration, more transparency of our file status for the lender and the consumer borrower, more responsiveness, and more efficient timing in providing our title and closing.

Please contact us if you would like to learn how we can help your mortgage lending company become more efficient in providing a completely electronic loan closing process for your benefit and that of your borrower.
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Educational Seminars and Webinars

As a result of the pandemic, the lending and title industries dealt with tremendous stress and change in Spring 2020, and as changes continued and grew in pace and scale in the period after, Community Title Network became a leader in educating the lending community. We have conducted numerous webinars for the general lending community - and even specific lenders and lending teams - to keep them abreast of the rapid changes, helping them understand the impact of these changes, advising them as to how the changes can and will impact their business, and how, working together, we can leverage technologies required and desired by our mutual customers to elevate the customer experience in both the loan and the loan settlement process.

We have conducted many webinars on electronic loan processing, eClosings, Remote Online Notarization (RON) settlements, and other leading topics in the ever-changing world of technological integrations between title and lending. These webinars were helpful to not only loan officers, but also to executives, operations managers, and secondary market and compliance staff.

We are happy to assist any lenders who want to help their staff prepare for the world of advanced technology in the loan closing process, including Remote Online Notarizations and eClosings.
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eClosing and Remote Online Notarization (RON) Capable

RON eClosings are superior to traditional physical closings in nearly every aspect. RON eClosings empower buyers, borrowers, and sellers to close easily, safely, and securely from any location in the world – most importantly- in the comfort of your own home or office.

We can assist you with RON eClosings. Speak to our team today for more information.
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