RON eClosings to ReDefine
Your Settlement Experience.

Remote Online Notarization (RON) eClosings work very similarly to traditional type signings - except better.

RON eClosings are superior to traditional physical closings in nearly every aspect. RON eClosings empower buyers, borrowers, and sellers to close easily, safely, and securely from any location in the world – most importantly- in the comfort of your own home or office. No cross-town traffic jams, no trying to leave work early to sign documents, no arranging babysitters - and no trying to close around your moving schedule.

How Does It Work?

Remote Online Notarizations work in much the same way as a live signing.
Close Anytime - Anywhere
Close on Your Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone
Safe, Simple & Secure
Saves You Time
All Online with No Software to Download

What Are The Different Types Of eClosings?

Procedural documents and disclosures are electronically signed.
Wet ink signature on deed/mortgage and promissory note.
In-person notary.
Closing takes place in front of the notary.
Traditional ID verification
All documents are electronic.
Signed on laptop or tablet.
E-notary or webcam notary.
Closing takes place in front of the notary.
Digital ID verification
eClosing utilizing Remote Online Notarization.
Signed on laptop or tablet.
E-notary or webcam notary.
Notary is remote and at a different location.
Traditional ID verification

Difference Between an eClosing & an eClosing Using RON

eClosings typically refer to the electronic signing of lender documents prior to or as part of the closing process. However, the documents which require Notarization, up until recently, have needed to be executed in the physical presence of a Notary. Remote Online Notarization is an additional electronic process that enables a person to execute their entire closing package electronically.


How Can I Close Using RON?

  • Contact us - we are ready to perform your eClosing using RON
  • We can assist you in determining if you and your lender can avail yourself of an eClosing and an eClosing using RON
  • We will coordinate with your lender if your lender allows a RON closing.

Participate in Your Clients' Closings

Realtors can now participate in their clients' closings, which means you can be there for your client - anywhere!

How to Join Your Client's eClosing

1. Ask to be added to be added to the Closing Team by providing your name and email address. You will then get an email the day of the eClosing inviting you to join your client.

2. You will need a Laptop or Computer for this process.
You can NOT use a phone or tablet.


You need to contact your closer, and they will determine whether your transaction meets the requirements or not.

Yes, eClosing will be added as an option to close like attending closing and remote closings have been, unless the lender requires eClosing as the only allowable method to close.

RON closings take place via video. Signers will need to have access to high-speed internet and a computer, tablet, or smartphone with audio/video capabilities.

Signers also need valid photo identification. Whether or not you will need more than one form of ID will depend on your lender.

Forms of Valid Identification:

  • US Driver’s License
  • US Passport
  • Certificate of Naturalization
  • Foreign Passport Alien Registration Card with Photo (Green card/ Permanent Resident Card)
  • US State-Issued Photo ID
  • Certificate of US citizenship
  • Military ID

Some states already offer this service and have experienced notaries. Florida notaries will receive training prior to offering this service to make sure they are prepared for the new notary services.

As long as the client has an SSN/ITIN and at least 1 years credit history, we can use RON.

Learn How to Close Your Listing Using RON eClosing. Contact Us Today!

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