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Community Title Network's Story

Our Story Is Really Quite Simple. When Mike Ridgway and Gregg Dyer, two industry veterans, each with over 25 years of experience in the title industry, set out to start our company in 2015, they did so with the vision to build an organization unique in the title industry in its approach, its thinking, and its implementation of successful modern business practices used in many other industries, including the leveraging of technology to transform how we can conduct business in a more effective, efficient, agile manner. This forward-thinking approach enables us to align ourselves ever more closely with the needs and requirements of all stakeholders in residential and commercial settlement transactions. We drive to improve daily for the benefit of our team and our customers. At Community Title Network, we work “on” our business - not just “at” our business - each and every day.

This laser-focused, future-oriented vision has enabled us to become the fastest growing - and one of the most respected and successful - title agencies in the Mid Atlantic.

Our Simple Approach. We find good people, provide them with the tools, resources and support they need and desire, and help them elevate to their highest potential and best use, all of which creates extremely happy, qualified, and successful team members working in a career - not just at a job. 

When we started, our goal was to leverage our unique approach to become the best title agency in the country - bar none. Others have – and will continue to - recognize our efforts and have made the smart decision to join our organization. And they thrive once they join us regardless of their role! 

We are proud of our growth and position in the marketplace and believe our results for our team and our customers speak for themselves.

Looking towards the future, our unwavering commitment to our team members and our customers will continue to be the core of our mission. We will continue to set standards and be the “Innovation Hub” for the industry.

Our Simple Strategy for Success. Work hard to support and care for our team and our customers. Help each team member grow. Be forward thinking. Communicate. Execute. Work with integrity. Build trust in all who rely on us. Strive to be the best – individually, as a team member, and as an organization.

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